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Christine Nguyen

Founder and CEO

Christine Nguyen is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in healthcare management and marketing with a minor in Spanish. She is grateful for this opportunity to continue to keep her uncle's legacy alive and to give back to a community that has been such a support network for her family. Outside of Limitless Foundation, Christine is involved with Consult Your Community, Camp Kesem, and the Washington University Catholic Student Union.

Megan Wong

Vice President of External Affairs

Megan Wong is a sophomore at Oklahoma State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. She hopes to use this experience of being a part of Limitless Foundation to help many people across the state and give back to community. She hopes to get a masters in Biomedical Engineering and go on to possibly research cancer cells to help in the process to find a cure in the future.

Karina Feng

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Karina Feng is a sophomore at Columbia University pursuing a degree in Political Science-Statistics. She is committed to helping her community and is excited to be a part of Limitless Foundation’s team. Karina loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. She firmly believes that every individual has a unique perspective that others can learn from. In her free time, Karina enjoys photography, yoga, writing, and sewing.

Lauren Beasley

Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren Beasley is a junior at Whittier College in Southern California pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business with concentrations in International Business and a minor in Chinese. Lauren loves creating community, and is passionate about healthcare accessibility; especially in areas that are not fortunate enough to have extensive programs. She hopes to help build Limitless into a far reaching foundation whose impact is seen in healthcare across Oklahoma and beyond. When Lauren isn’t planing media posts, writing blogs, or working on the perfect photo for Limitless she is listening to TED Talks. She recommends everyone watch Roman Mars’s TED Talk on City Flags for an educational and entertaining time on the importance design has in our every day lives!

Alisha Arshad

Chief Communications Officer

Alisha Arshad is a first-year student at Columbia University where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. Her involvement in Limitless stems from her personal struggles with cancer in her family as well as her ultimate life goal: to help others as much as possible. Her interests include current events, reading, and bicycling.

Alyssa Regier

Chief Analytics Officer

Alyssa Regier is a sophomore at Oklahoma State University. She is pursuing a bachelor of science in plant biology and a minor in horticulture. She works for the OSU Herbarium and the plant biology lab. She works with Limitless because she is passionate about bringing joy to cancer patients and believes that everybody deserves access to healthcare. Her hobbies include gardening and beekeeping.

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what we do

Our Mission

To support patients, enable treatment centers, and empower advocates to fight for accessible and equitable healthcare

Limitless Foundation seeks to create a community of advocates, cancer patients, healthcare providers, caretakers, and community members by providing a space for advocacy, solidarity, and charity.

Limitless provides handmade items to hospitals/clinics/treatment centers and mentors individuals through civic engagement training. We seek to empower organizations and treatment centers that make healthcare accessible.

Our Story

My freshman year of high school, my uncle's relapse into stage four cancer was a defining diagnosis for my family. It meant watching my uncle go through intensive rounds of chemotherapy and staying at the hospital late for hours on end waiting to translate diagnoses and for results. I live in a close-knit family, and my uncles are like second fathers to me, making the diagnosis even more difficult to take in. During our many conversations at the hospital, as I balanced schoolwork with caretaking, my uncle instilled this idea of "limitless" inside me. He always encouraged me to pursue goals that I believed were impossible, whether that was national qualifications in speech and debate, becoming a valedictorian, or applying for different programs. He encouraged me to go as far as I could.

When he passed away my junior year of high school, my world was completely shattered. Grief makes living hard. It makes getting out of bed difficult, wanting to pursue your goals difficult, and hard not to remain fixated on the loss you're experiencing. Throughout my struggles with grief though, I have continued to hold my uncle's words close to my heart which is where this organization gets its name. I've had to achieve a lot of the goals my uncle help me set, knowing he wouldn't be with me when they happened. I knew when I gave my high school graduation speech that when I looked into the arena he wouldn't be waving back, that on move on day he wouldn't be in line for convocation, or at my family's party when I committed to Washington University in St. Louis. But I've converted that sense of loss into action, a desire to help other families experiencing similar situations. I want to support Oklahoma patients, hospitals, and community partners in this difficult time for them.

Limitless is composed of students from across the nation. While our current efforts are aimed at Oklahoma healthcare, we hope to expand this network to many more states in the future.


Christine Nguyen

Founder and CEO

Our History

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