Stars in My Sky: Zeke Saucedo

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… it’s just one of the many Godzillas in Zeke Saucedo’s extensive movie collection. Besides the aforementioned collection, you can find Zeke illustrating his own graphic novels and winning our ticket presale competition for our Limitless Concert Fundraiser last month.

We decided to stop in on the rock guitarist and see what it is about music that rocks his socks off.

Why did you choose to perform at the Limitless Virtual Benefit Concert?

“I was invited to perform at the Limitless Virtual Benefit Concert by my friend Scott, who also gave a fantastic performance at the concert! He had fantastic things to say about Limitless Foundation, and the more I learned about it, the more excited I became to play at the concert. There are so many people in America that forgo necessary treatments, medication, and even routine doctor visits simply because they cannot afford it. I’m happy to help any organization that serves and advocates for disadvantaged groups and their healthcare needs.”

Was there a reason behind the songs you chose?

“For my performance, I chose songs that I felt were fun and uplifting. These past few months have been difficult for many people mentally and emotionally, so I think this concert was a perfect time for people to come together to experience some joy and community.”

How did you get started with music?

“My dad sang and played guitar in church choirs for as long as I can remember, so he definitely played a role in inspiring me to pickup the guitar. However, I didn’t really have much interest in learning until I became obsessed with Guitar Hero III in middle school. At some point I decided that instead of spending my time playing the game, I could use that energy to learn to play real guitar.”

What is your biggest goal as a performer?

“My biggest goal as a guitarist is simply to get better! I took a guitar class in high school, but I haven’t had any formal training since then. My goal is to take the time to really learn the ins and outs of music theory and to eventually use that knowledge to write more of my own music.”

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

“I was truly amazed and inspired by all the other performers at the benefit concert, and I can’t wait to see what they do with their talents next!”

Keep up with Zeke on his Instagram: @zeke_sauce

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